Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus 1 rehab

For a third time this year in just months, Ben Affleck is back in residential rehab for his ongoing battle with alcohol addiction. The Affleck’s have had a tough year with both brothers being accused of sexual misconduct, assault and in Casey’s instance, rehashing old settlements to the tune of $4.25 million dollars.

Ben’s longtime partner and reputation-saver, Jennifer Garner, finally filed divorce papers after a two-year separation. Let’s not forget that Jen only filed for divorce when it became very obvious that Ben’s new relationship with SNL producer Lindsay Shookus, started when they were married – even as far back as four years ago. Neither Jen or Lindsay’s husband had a choice in the matter when the new couple decided to go public via staged paparazzi photos.

Now the father of three, 45, checked into Passages treatment facility’s 30-day program in Malibu, California. Which is rumored to be $80,000 a go, Passages favors unorthodox holistic methods that permit him to leave for personal and professional commitments.

While some find the treatment controversial, Affleck’s ex Jennifer Garner and brother Casey Affleck were just relieved the Justice League star decided to get any sort of help again, the source claimed.

“Ben’s main priorities have never wavered,” a source close told Us Weekly. “He’s focused on his family and spending time with Lindsay. Dealing with this disease is something he’ll have to work on for the rest of his life and he remains focused on it.”

I do hope that Lindsay is just as devoted to the relationship and his recovery. The pair has been seen together buying alcohol, numerous bottles of gin and vodka at a time… All while he was meant to be sober, having already been to rehab twice since they got together.

Unfortunately for Jen and the kids, the next six months will be pre-planned paparazzi photos leaving church, the school pickup, and family outings. They are going to be in damage control, again.


What do you think? Is the third time the charm?

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